2018-19 Program Previews

2018-19 Program Previews

With the main competitions of the Challenger Series less than a month and the Grand Prix Series less than two months away, a number of skaters are giving their programs a test run in shows and at summer competitions. Though many skaters have announced their music for this season, they have yet to debut their programs.

And, while many have stepped out of the box when it comes to music choices — opting for interesting and unusual versions of music not used before — others have stuck with traditional, and often overused, pieces. No doubt these programs are all works in progress and we expect to see many changes made to them in the first half of the season. Historically, immediately after the Grand Prix Series and/or the Grand Prix Final is the time skaters make adjustments to music, choreography and placement of elements.

Shoma Uno – SP: ″Stairway to Heaven″ (Rodrigo y Gabriella) Choreographer: Mihoko Higuchi

Nathan Chen – SP: ″Caravan″ (Fanfare Ciocârlia) Choreographer: Shae-Lynn Bourne

Satoko Miyahara – LP: ″Invierno porteño″ (Astor Piazzolla) and ″Winter″ (″Four Seasons″) Choreographer: Tom Dickson

Alina Zagitova – SP: ″Phantom of the Opera″ Choreographer: Daniil Gleikhengauz

Tae Ok Ryom/Ju Sik Kim – LP: ″Je Ne Suis Qu’une Chanson″ (Ginette Reno) Choreographer: Julie Marcotte

Kevin Reynolds – SP: ″Illusionary World″ (Nobuo Uematsu) Choreographer: Lance Vipond

Rachel Parsons/Michael Parsons – FD: ″To Build a Home″ (The Cinematic Orchestra)

Cheng Peng/Yang Jin – LP: “La Vie En Rose” (Patricia Kass) Choreographer: Lori Nichol

FD: “Spanish Caravan” (The Doors), “Hush” and “Asturias” (performed by Marcin Patrzalek)