Ekaterina Bobrova

On March 17, 2016, Russian pairs skater Andrei Deputat took Ekaterina Bobrova, his girlfriend of three years, for a walk in her favorite park in Moscow where he proposed. The couple chose not to announce their engagement until May.

“I had waited for it. I really wanted it because I knew that I wanted to spend my life with this person,” Bobrova said. “It was very romantic and unexpected.

“It was cold, but it was beautiful. Andrei guessed the right moment and that made it even more beautiful. He led me to the place where we told each other for the first time that we love each other. I knew that this was the place, but I didn’t think that he took me there on purpose to propose.

“He knelt down — I cried. I said yes, we kissed — everything was according to the rules and like in romantic movie.”

Bobrova, 26, and Deputat, 23, tied the knot in a romantic, outdoor ceremony on July 16. “We celebrated our wedding in Moscow because we both need to continue training after the wedding,” Bobrova said.

The couple took a lighthearted approach when it came to the exchange of vows. Bobrova promised not to scatter her hairpins or steal food from her husband’s plate. The groom vowed to not wake up his new bride before two in the afternoon on Sundays and would not complain that he has only one shelf in the bathroom and three hangers in the closet.

Their competitive partners and Adelina Sotnikova were in the wedding party. Their respective coaches were among the 80 guests in attendance. In order to not interrupt their training schedules, Bobrova and Deputat went on a pre-wedding honeymoon to Paris and Cyprus. Both resumed training the day following the ceremony.

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