Fedor Klimov

In a press release from the Russian Figure Skating Federation, Fedor Klimov announced his retirement.

Klimov, 28, attended at the federation′s offices on Wednesday to write an official statement advising of the completion of his  skating career.

His former pairs partner, Ksenia Stolbova, previously announced that their eight-year pairing had come to an end. The duo were members of Russia′s golden team at the 2014 Olympic Winter Games and claimed silver in the pairs event. They claimed their only Grand Prix Final title in 2015.

″This was our mutual decision,″ Klimov said. ″The reasons are different for everyone. At the moment I do not continue sports activities, but I reserve the right to return to figure skating after a while, if such a desire arises.

″As for my plans, I have recently tried myself in different directions. Naturally, they are connected with figure skating. I continue to work with Nina Moser on her projects. I will try coaching, take part in different seminars, and master classes.″

Klimov has a degree in sports management and said he does not want his education to be of no value.

″Of course, there is a feeling of regret, but I do not think that it would be better for me now to continue my sports career in the way in which it evolved in recent seasons. With Xenia we thanked each other, hugged each other, and said goodbye. I am grateful to her for the long time that we skated together. We had successes, and there were failures. There were many moments of good and bad. I am grateful to Xenia for the fact that we went through this. I tried to part on a good note.

″It is not easy for any athlete to complete a career. For me it was a serious and difficult step, but I decided not to deceive anyone and myself first of all.″