2017 senior Grand Prix assignments

Scale of Values, Levels of Difficulty and Grades of Execution for the 2017-2018 season.

Required Minimum Scores for the 2018 Olympic Games and the junior and senior World Championships:


Judges Draw

The annual Judges Draw for the 2017-18 season will be held on Thursday, October 12, 2017 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Starting Orders for 2017-2018 Season

The starting order for ISU Figure Skating Events (including the Grand Prix individual events and the Final (but excluding the World Team Trophy) and the Olympic Winter Games (except the Team Event) and Winter Youth Olympic Games will be in line with the provisions of Rule 513 for both the Short Program/Dance and the Free Skate/Free Dance.

Based on the feedback from the 2016-17 season from the organizing Members of the Grand Prix events and the TV rights holders for this Series, the Council decided to change the starting order/draw process for the Grand Prix events. This is restricted to the short programs only.

For the Grand Prix events in the 2017-18 season, the starting order for the short programs will be in the reverse order of the World Standing placements at the time of each individual Grand Prix event. In the case of any tie, there will be a draw to determine who skates first among the tied skaters.

Skaters or teams who have not earned any ISU World Standing points will be listed at the bottom of the World Standing list in the alphabetical order of the ISU Members. There will be a separate draw among those skaters/teams with no ISU World Standing points to determine the starting order for those who will skate in the earlier groups.

Ultimate Skating

Following up on the announced “Ultimate Skating” initiative (as per ISU Communication No. 2053, point 9), the Council reviewed two proposals received from Skate Canada and the Figure Skating Federation of Russia, but concluded that a presentation of an Ultimate Skating Program during the exhibition of the World Figure Skating Championships 2017 was premature. Furthermore, the Council agreed that before pursuing this project, its purpose and possible impact on the Synchronized Skating discipline must be better evaluated and consequently the Ultimate Skating Project was kept on hold.

Synchronized Skating

The Council agreed that the ISU Synchronized Skating Technical Committee shall be mandated to conduct during the season 2017/18 tests at International Competitions with teams composed of a lower number of Skaters than currently in place (less than 16).

Furthermore, in line with the Synchronized Skating Special Regulations, the Council agreed that at the Synchronized Skating competitions at the 2019 Winter Universiade:

Synchronized Skating teams may have 16 skaters as per the current Rule in place, but also may have only 12 competing skaters.

Athletes Commission

After the completion of the Athletes Commission elections, the Council noted the composition of the ISU Athletes Commission as follows:

  • Single & Pairs Skating: John Coughlin, USA (not actively competing)
  • Ice Dance: Alper Uçar, TUR (still actively competing)
  • Synchronized Skating: Nathalie Lindquist, SWE (actively competing)