The Italian Gran Prix Final is scheduled to take place February 13-14 in Bergamo. The top scorers in each discipline at the end of the three events qualified for the Final. 

Following the competition coverage, the annual Golden Skate Awards and a gala show, “Valentine on Ice” will be shown. Javier Fernández, Aljona Savchenko and Bruno Massot and Alexia Paganini joined the Italian cast for the show.

Carolina Kostner is a co-host of the gala.

Skaters/teams qualified for the Gran Final:

Men: Daniel Grassl, Matteo Rizzo, Gabriele Frangipani, Mattia Dalla Torre

Ladies: Lara Naki Guttmann, Ginevra Negrello, Lucrezia Beccari, Elizabetta Leccardi, Roberta Rodeghiero, Alessia Tornaghi

Pairs: Ghilardi/Ambrosini, Conti/Macii, Nicole Della Monica/Matteo Guarise

Ice Dance: Charlène Guignard/Marco Fabbri, Carolina Moscheni/Francesco Fioretti

Junior Ice Dance: Carolina Portesi Peroni/Michael Chrastecky, Nicole Calderari/Marco Cilli, Noemi Tali/Stefano Frasca





First stage: Oct. 24-25, Ice Lab, Bergamo / Start Orders/Results
Second stage (Nov. 21-22), PalaTazzoli di Torino
Third stage: Nov. 28-29, Wurth Arena di EgnaStart Orders/Results
Fourth stage: Dec. 5-6, Palaghiaccio di Trento / Start Orders/Results

2021 Italian National Championships

Sep. 2020: The Italian Ice Sports Federation is launching its own series of competitions — the Gran Premio Italia 2020 (Italian Grand Prix) — which will take place in four stages between October and December, with the Final scheduled for mid-February. The best Italian skaters will participate with a limited selection of foreign athletes invited. This competition overlaps with Skate America and the third stage of the Cup of Russia series.

″Like Federghiaccio, we thought of organizing a circuit of competitions reserved for our best athletes who would take part in the ISU Grand Prix Senior and Junior, which were then cancelled by the epidemic and, together, we also would invite some foreign athletes who train at the our rinks,″ said Paolo Pizzocari, technical director of the national teams and head of the section. ″Training the technical elements and programs is fundamental but equally important is not to lose the habit of competing. In all these months our athletes have trained seriously and now it is time to put to good use what has been done and thus show all the fans of the figure skating progress and new programs. Our boys will have the certainty of being able to compete for themselves and for the joy of all those who have followed them for years and who wish to see them again.″

Daniel Grassl, Matteo Rizzo and Gabriele Frangipani are slated to compete at the first stage (Oct. 24-25), along with the two top Italian pairs teams, Nicole Della Monica and Matteo Guarise and Rebecca Ghilardi and Filippo Ambrosini.