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IFS August 2020

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A decade after his retirement, Stéphane Lambiel remains the most decorated skater to ever come out of Switzerland. Despite his success, he often stated during his competitive career that he had no interest in, and could not imagine himself ever becoming a coach. That decision was based on how hard his own coach worked every day. However, Lambiel caught the bug and is now coaching three young stars: Japan’s Shoma Uno and Koshiro Shimada, and his longtime student, Deniss Vasiljevs of Latvia. 

The Italian star stepped away from the competitive scene following the 2018 World Championships in Milan, Italy. Hip problems plagued her in the final few seasons and in January 2020 she underwent surgery. Doctors advised her it would take about eight months of rehabilitation following the surgery for her to return to skating. “I am missing it so much — I just love to skate, no matter if it is competition or shows or whatever. I just can’t wait to put my skates on again.”


Last season was an emotional roller coaster for Canada’s Keegan Messing. The 28-year-old took the time during the lockdown to reflect on the loss of his brother, his skating career and what lies ahead in his future.


While much of North America remained in lockdown mode through the early spring months, Shae-Lynn Bourne remained steadfast in her desire to keep producing new programs for her skating clients. With arena doors near her Laguna Beach home shut tight, and international travel at a halt, Bourne’s creative juices kicked into gear. Without missing a beat, she turned her garage into a makeshift studio.


Before the curtain came down on last season, Mariah Bell was enjoying her most successful campaign to date. She opened her year with a win at Nebelhorn Trophy in Oberstdorf, Germany in September, the first international victory of her career.


Jordan Cowan describes himself as a figure skater that makes skating videos from a skater’s point of view — an on- ice videographer, but said that what he does is much more than that. His goal is to create a new audience for figure skating and make skating fans out of people who tune into figure skating at the Olympics, but are not die-hard fans.

The International Skating Union technical committee for singles and pairs has revised the scale of values for some elements — in particular, quadruple jumps — and instituted new guidelines for judges when it comes to under-rotations. The changes have met with mixed reactions.



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