IFS February 2021

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva graces the IFS February 2021 cover. In an era dominated by talented teenagers, Tuktamysheva is an inspiration for many other mature females in the world of figure skating, proving that age is no barrier to learning new technique and remaining competitive. Her victory at 2020 Rostelecom Cup was a moment celebrated by many around the globe.


It would be so easy for Nathan Chen to get caught up in all the success of the golden ride he has enjoyed the past three years, but armed with knowledge and experience the 21-year-old is looking ahead to the 2022 Olympic Winter Games with a balanced perspective.



Over the past six decades, renowned Russian coach Alexei Mishin has witnessed — and been a part of — the evolution of figure skating. His contributions to the sport are legendary and, at age 79, he remains as invested as he was 60 years ago and is still producing champions.


Brian Orser has embraced the new “normal” when it comes to coaching, and can see it being a bridge for the future beyond the end of the pandemic. He believes there are benefits to a hybrid of live and virtual coaching. The only downside at this time is that three of his students — Yuzuru Hanyu, Jun-Hwan Cha and Ekaterina Kurakova — have been unable to return to Canada.


Four of the 2020 Grand Prix Series competitions played out in the U.S., China, Russia and Japan. Despite the lack of training time and no previous international events this season, many skaters nonetheless executed programs at a high level.

Renowned Soviet and Russian figure skating coach Igor Moskvin passed away on Nov. 10 at age 91.
Though he retired in 2016, he continued to work alongside Tamara Moskvina, his wife of 56 years.