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ITNY Honors Donovan Carrillo

Mexico’s Donovan Carrillo and his coach Gregorio Núñez will be honored by Ice Theatre of New York (ITNY) on Oct. 27 with the Will Sears Award.

Sears, a competitive pairs skater and a performing apprentice with ITNY passed away suddenly at age 21. A student at the prestigious New York University film school, Sears was writing an autobiographical screenplay titled ‘Dare Greatly.’ Following his death, his mother, Margarita Sears, asked ITNY founder Moira North to consider holding an event in his honor.

That led North to decide to honor those who have dared greatly in the world of skating and present them with a Will Sears Award.

“We have given it to six skaters so far, including Adam Rippon who came back from a broken leg to win nationals and subsequently went to the Olympics, and Gracie Gold because of her desire to return to skating and finish the work she wanted to do,” said North.

“And now we are giving it to Donovan and his coach Gregorio because they have certainly dared greatly together – not just Donovan.”

North said that shortly after the 2022 Olympic Winter Games had ended a friend texted her that “you have to do something with this young skater. His story is so compelling.” That was when North decided to present Carrillo and his coach jointly with the Will Sears Award. 

“They had to move from near Guadalajara to León to train at a skating rink in a shopping mall with non-Olympic-size ice — and train in public sessions basically,” said North. “Then going to the Olympics last season and Donovan making the cut for the free skate. Achieving that took a lot of courage and determination.

“And then for Gregorio to have coached him his entire career — that is heartening. It is very rare that this happens.”

The evening will begin with an on-ice show at the Sky Rink at Chelsea Piers from 7-8 p.m., followed by an informal cocktail party and a buffet dinner.

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